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The Student News Site of Achievement First Hartford High School

Rising Phoenix News

Rising Phoenix News

The Student News Site of Achievement First Hartford High School

Rising Phoenix News

Rising Phoenix News

Food Is Fuel - AFHHS Podcast EP 1
Podcast Team February 17, 2022

Rony Santos: His American Dream
Jada Wyatt November 16, 2021

         A young boy from the Dominican republic trying to find his way around America in the urban neighborhoods of Hartford, Connecticut. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican...

Brianna Brown - Collaborative News Report #2
Brian and Brianna, writing the story • February 14, 2022

How has mental health been affected by grades?   Students of AF High are drastically being affected by the pressure of grades. After conducting interviews with multiple students this week, there is one thing abundantly...

Travis Tragedy, Who is to Blame?
Editorial Team November 22, 2021

Multiple people are to be blamed in response to the Astroworld tragedy. Blaming one person wouldn't be fair. The main parties at fault are Live Nation, with their poor security, the event goers/fans, sneaking in and causing havoc,...

Mask Mandate
Brianna Brown, Brian Visinais March 21, 2022

There have been many things that have become the new normal ever since covid-19 was introduced to america and one of those things have been masks. Masks are one of the many factors...

How Has School Lunch Impacted Students ?
Seqoyia McMahon, Trevon Powell and Faithe Kline February 17, 2022

As the Pandemic has hit the United States domestically, one of the most overlooked topics that are affecting those today are school lunches. Throughout the course of their senior...


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