Achievement First High Musical doesn’t stick to the status quo.

Christal Ball , Writer

On Thursday, May 30, 2019, Achievement First put on a production on 2006 Disney hit movie High School Musical in the lecture hall directed by the theater teacher Jill Giles. A production mixed of-of both students and teachers embracing the role of High School Musical. Mrs. Giles wrote a note to the audience stating: “We are small but mighty. Our cast plays multiple roles: The jock, Brainiac, The theater geek … Our identity is complex, and in high school (and beyond) we can be all that we want to be”
If you didn’t the school musical it’s about breaking the “status quo”. In this movie main character, Troy Bolton(Kaliya Dawkins) is the best basketball player on the Wildcats team but has a secret passion for singing. This passion is only expressed with the new girl Gabriella Montez(Maleah white) have a moment singing at a New Years karaoke party. Bolton realized that he has a signing passion but has to “keep his head in the game”. When Troy and Gabriella keep having a singing moment that makes it harder for him to stay focus on winning the basketball game or auditioning for the musical Romeo and Juliet. This is basically a Romeo and Juliet story without the death part.
Troy Kaliya Dawkins, 9th grader) and Gabriela( Maleah white, 12th grader) singing Breaking free with Kelsi (Kiyah Hamblin) playing the piano
The Students realized there hidden talents don’t need to be hidden anymore since Troy isn’t hiding his anymore. But The mean girl Sharpay(Emery Conant) and her brother Ryan (Anthony Barbar) push back on the rejection of the status quo. Since Sharpay and Ryan try out for the play Romeo and Juliet but is threatened by Troy and Gabriella performance. Sharpay needs to find a way to keep the status quo the same. Everything and Everyone pushes back on Troy and Gabriella’s romance and breakage of the status quo. So Troy’s best friend Chad (Sasuke Dunkley) convinces Troy that basketball is more important than the play or girl feelings. Also, Gabriella’s friend Taylor(Bhavani Suckoo) convince Gabriella that the science competition is more important. Well, Gabriella and Troy were, at each of their competitions then their friends shut off the power for five minutes so they can attend the audition for the play. Gabriella enjoyed singing the song “Breaking Free” which included some of the other people in the auditorium. the song was meant to interpret that they were breaking free from the status quo that was placed upon them and every high school student in high school. And then Sharpay was put in her place and everyone found comfort in just being themselves.
Sharpay(Emery Conant, the directors daughter) and Ryan(Anthony Barbar, a freshman) auditioning for the role of Juliet and Romeo
Ms.Darbus(Isabella Giovo, 12th-grade math teacher) and Coach Bolton (AJ Santos, 11th-grade history teacher) arguing about what’s more important theater or basketball.
The cast singing “We’re all in this together”
Ms. Kellet (Office Cordinator) is playing the science teacher but she also played the role of the announcers Review The play was exceptional, was modernized and made to be Achievement First worthy. I never really like the 2006 movie of high school musical but this play piqued my interest. I had never seen a crowded so involved in the play that they actually started singing along. Every person in this play played their roles to the fullest and beyond. Everyone got to shine even the smallest way or the largest. Many people that you might not have known about really stepped out of their comfort zone and tried to play the role of the 2006 High School Musical character as best as they could to make it enjoyable for the audience, and enjoyable it was. lonely did the audience enjoyed it but I can see that the cast also enjoyed playing their roles. Some student even gave their opinions on the play : Gwen Myles “It was fun, I loved it. I haven’t watched high school musical in a long time “ Ashley Allen “ It was very amazing loved everyone in it”
I asked the cast and directors about the play and they said What inspired you to do a high school musical? Jill Giles: “ I thought it would generate some interest. Thought people knew it and I wanted to do what people knew. What was the difficult Part of this play? Jill Giles: “ Creating the cast was difficult …..people didn’t know what it meant to commit” What was positive about the play? Jill Giles: “ The play really came together and the house is packed and people really came out of their shell.”
I asked the cast member Giovo (Ms. Darbus) Why did you want to do High School Musical? Giovo: “ I loved the High School Musical movie, watched it when I was a small child” Did you always want to be Ms. Daubus? Giovo: “ Yes I always want to play the role as the teacher”