Football Season Kickoff!

Football Season Kickoff!

Jameel Lawrence , Writer

  On the 3rd of June was the beginning of the off season. Football isn’t for everyone. A quote from Lewis Grizzard, An American writer says the following about football,’’The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity,’’. This mindset is what the team has from leg day to strength day the teammates continue to push themselves and how the determination continues to show.

  Once we arrive to capital Prep everyone is already almost done stretching. Only because of the time we get out of school we are at a disadvantage because we arrive later than everyone else. The coaches goals were to get us fit in order to get ready for the upcoming camps.He also said that he guarantees that 6 seniors on the team this year are going to make it to the next level. Makhi Buckley ,An 11th grade scholar who is a Running back on the Capital Prep football team ,  thoughts on the matter was that ,’’It’s a time for you to get better. Better than other people that you are competing with in the country. You don’t just compete with players who you played with but other football players that are in other states.,’’ Also makhi had stated that,’’ It’s crucial that you participate in offseason because if you don’t work on what you need to work on than you are gonna fall behind and others are gonna get ahead of you.,’’

  Also the benefit of Achievement first scholars going to offseason and trying to improve themselves if the opportunities that people are able to make them play football on the next level. For example,Darius Bryan, An 11th grade scholar at our school who is also the starting center for Capital Prep stated,’’ That off-season football better helps players get closer and be better as a team because you get to find out who your players are and what their strengths are,’’ Darius had continued to speak on his opportunities that he could gain,’’I got a few looks from western New England and had opportunities to travel and meet new college coaches,’’. This experience is important to us players that want to make it to the next level. The off season practice starts practice from 3 pm-5:30. First there is weightlifting and then we go outside to work on our running and keeping our legs loose. Kenneth ,A recently recruited scholar to join the  team had said,’’ Off-Season is going really good. We are really lifting weights and everytime we lift the weights I can feel myself getting stronger each time and helps me practice my endurance,’’. Kenneth has never played the sport before but his bravery to approach the task and continue to persevere and go everyday to get better shows the type of commitment and hard work that needs to be put in so that people can be better.

  Mainly this is taking away the time that they have during the summer that the players are gonna have for themselves and sacrificing it to get better. According to Deandre Mclean, A recent player on the Capital Prep Football team, also an 11th grade scholar here at Achievement First Hartford High school, states,’’Off-season is really preparing me for the summer and I know it’s gonna be a sacrifice but I am willing to take it so that I can improve and do better,’’. Deandre stays committed to the sport and through this dedication that the team has we surely will be able to be a championship team when the season arrives in the fall.

Seems like the football team is ready to take on the upcoming season. Lets see what Capital Prep has in store!