Our Achievement First Basketball Fall League Action

David Hinds

On the 27th of October our Phoenix played a  game against Southington Highschool and our team came away with the win. Our star guard, senior David Hinds finished off with 19 points despite his struggles from long range, shooting 1/8. Our other senior star guard, Sadiki Darling struggled at first with foul troubles with 4 going into the half. However he came out strong in the second half finishing off with 12 points.Sadiki was also asked about his role in this upcoming season and he said, “I’m a point guard so I do what I’m here for, I control the pace of the game and make sure my matchup is on lock”. 


New face Albert Edole started off with energy and intensity off the jump, hitting a three point buzzer beater to go into halftime. Albert finished off the game with 12 points. When asked how he felt about his game he stated, “I feel like I played alright, but I could’ve played better. 


Our Phoenix Basketball team also played against Watkinson Prep in the East Hartford league. They came away with a win, but they didn’t look satisfied with how they played. Guard David Hinds finished off with 23 and some key free throws to end the game. Senior Rodrick Pearson came out making a stamp on the defensive end. He had 6 blocks while affecting many other shots he couldn’t get his palms on.-


This is a fun team to watch with a lot of talent. With high expectations set from all around, the Phoenix Basketball team doesn’t disappoint. Our Phoenix will be playing in the East Hartford fall league for the remainder of this fall. Below you will find the schedule.