“Venom 2” Review

Torri-Ann Osbourne

Story by: Tom hardy, Kelly Marcel 


Director: Andy Serkis 


Context: Venom and Venom 2 are both based of the marvel comics depicting a much more detailed story that is shown to you on the screen, Venom 2 does well to introduce the existence of new symbiotes and a possible connection between the universes as shown with venoms reaction to Spider-Man at the end credit scene.


Rating: 9/10


Venom 2 was a much more light hearted, joke filled film in comparison to the first movie as a whole. 


vWe are able to see the aftermath of Eddie and Venom’s relationship and get to witness their dynamic with one another while Eddie tries to navigate and continue his life as a reporter as normal despite the demanding man-eating symbiote attached to him.


As Eddie tries to get a news story to publish from the death row killer present in the movie things begin to take a left turn all thanks to a bite. The action within the movie is sparked as the birth of carnage follows not far after.


With the tasteful jokes sprinkled within the movie and the complimentary voice acting paired with the slick animation of both carnage and venom it really did well to bring the whole movie together for me. As for the end credit scene, the way it tactfully pulled the pieces together and brought Spidey and venoms world together was done very well in my opinion.