“Tyrant Teacher”

Jenaia Scott


My buttons were being pushed.

Actually not pushed,

They were being slammed out of existence.

This woman was testing me.

And no,

It was not something that would be graded.

I would have to grit my teeth and wait out the storm,

That lasted a whole 50 minutes.

 This storm was brought on by a teacher.

 A human being.

But she had so much control,

Over me and my raging emotions.

Hooking her talons into my fury,

And pulling it forth.

My self restraint was stretched thin.

I doubted myself.

Would this be the day?

The day that I snapped?


The manners instilled in me held my tongue,

And self control my anger.

I sat at my desk ready to pounce,

Claws extended,

Canines barred.

Her eyes threatened detention,

And her words promised anger.

 Just who did she think she was?

Acting all high and mighty,

Expecting us to follow.

Who died and made her queen?

Who thought it was smart to hand her control over the classroom?

I was itching to be the rebel to bring down this tyrant.

I wanted to see her eyes flash with despair,

As I sent her power to flame,

As it burned to ash.

I couldn’t wait until she was gone and this class.


Why couldn’t she just take her nose out of my business?

She was like a rodent,

Weaseling itself into places it shouldn’t be. 

God! Could she just let me be?! 

I wish I could reach her,

Let her know of her dictatorship.

But honestly,

She wasn’t too bad.

Would it hurt to turn a blind eye,

And a deaf ear to her?


Did I want to?

Not really.

I wanted a reason to lash out on her.

But it wasn’t her fault.

Her teaching style just aggravated me beyond ends,

And her voice made my vision go red.

So I sat there in that room,

A prisoner,

Waiting for my sentence to be over.