The AFHHS track and field team complained about new equipment.

Adaine Allwood

       In the upcoming year of 2022 during the spring time the AFHHS track and field team will be participating in the outdoor track and field event in hartford but they are short on training equipment to get the team ready and prepare before the season starts. In the past 2 year the team hasn’t had much equipment during their practice hours and they didn’t have much space for their practice, they used the hallways and the gyms for their practices which isn’t enough space for them to get a full day worth of practice done. 


      According to AFHHS scholars Rony Santos and Trevon Powell who attended AFHHS in 2018-19 and was a part of the track team in the year of 2019, they both stated there wasn’t much support from the high school. Rony Santos stated “We need to have more equipment for track because I felt like the school did not pay too much attention to the track team and that causes students to not want to do track because there’s no equipment”. 


      AFHHS Senior Trevon Powell states that “As the team has advanced so has the players and having outdated equipment with an outdated logo doesn’t fit” Trevon argues that “seeing other teams with good equipment, then seeing us not even have team jackets makes us look unorganized and uncoordinated as a team meanwhile, the basketball team gets new jerseys every recurring season” 


      Both scholars claim that the school needs to pay more attention to what they need and try to be more supportive of their track team, according to scholars the AFHHS team didn’t have much support and the coach was putting in all the effort to get equipment for them and the school wasn’t helping with any of those, during their practice hours they had minimum amount of practice equipment for the entire team to use, they only had one starting block to use in practice for all the members of the team to use.the athletic director needs to show more interest in the track team and try to help the coach. The AFHHS track team is suffering without the support of their school staff/principle and athletic director.