Adaine Allwood: Running All Star

Nicolette Miller

Did you know that there is a national runner up walking the halls of Achievement First? His name is Adaine Allwood

He is 6’0  tall with short flat hair. He grew up in Westmoreland, Jamaica where he helped his grandfather raise chickens and fix houses with his elderly family members. He spent 13 years contributing to his family’s investments. Adaine later migrated to the U.S to live with his dad. 

When he arrived it was a sunny Sunday afternoon in the summer. As he walked through the airport Adaine felt the soft wind brushing against his skin, the atmosphere filled with fresh air and pollen everywhere. He hated it. He struggled to get accustomed to the new atmosphere and the different traditions. Everyday he woke up complaining “Mi wah guh back a mi yard.” He spent most of his time alone learning more about American culture and trying to perfect his english.  As the days went by he started to make new friends. 

As the summer came to an end his father enrolled him in AFFHS. This is where his journey began. On the first day he met his best friend, Rony Santos. Rony was a light-toned boy with curly hair. He was also from the Caribbean which is why they connected with each other so much. As they became closer they played video games, went on road trips and even had sleepovers together. Rony became Adaine’s closest friend. The closer they got the more they realized that they had similar interests. 

As the school year came to an end, track season began. Throughout the year Adaine and his best friend always bragged to each other about who was going to be the fastest and what races they were mostly interested in. They went to practices together and they also practiced with each other in their free time. The more they practiced the more they got better. As the season came to an end Adaine was able to run at the finale where he achieved the award of National Runner.

He was extremely proud of himself and the school made sure to acknowledge his achievements and award him for his talent. However, his best friend Rony was not as happy because he was unable to make it to the finale. Nonetheless they remained friends and to this day, Adaine still gets recognition for being the National Runner of AFFHS.