Ms. Plasencia: Strong Woman

Brian Visinais

Ms.Plasencia was walking to school for a park on a Tuesday and she was enjoying the walk until a dragon came out of the food truck which surprised her. She didn’t know what to do since it came out with a switchblade and asked her mommy, “Hey Bro I want your mom for some reason.” Ms.Plasencia screamed out, “No, you ugly lizard.” and it became an anime fight which meant half the people in the park were hurt or destroyed in the battle. Both fought till the dragon kicked Ms. Plasencia on the ground and laughed, but that only made Ms.Plasencia movitatied and fueled her rage to the point where she cuts the dragon into pieces with her awesome glasses. The pieces flew right back into the taco truck and out came a bunch of tacos which flew onto Ms.Plasencia and it was raining meat, the shells of the taco etc. and That’s why Ms.Plasencia is the best teacher that I ever had since the tacos stuff feed everyone in the area and she does make history fun with her being cool and stuff. 

Which by the way is a true story but I’m not done yet, Ms. Plasencia Enjoys painting, poetry, drawing and still to this day, she still does these things which is pretty relaxing and she has talent. The Thing that she is passionate is teaching people about history since I’ve been in her class and I learned a lot from her which makes me proud to be her students, I know she wants to teach since she didn’t give up when there was a pandemic and the obvious reason is she didn´t quit even if people were a pain in her butt which shows that she is a very strong woman and teacher.

When Ms. Plasencia was a girl, she had 4 sisters who she mostly played around with. She also went to church and was a chorus member. As a child, her parents were very strict but when they weren’t, She would play in the river and sometimes go to the neighbors where they had three boys, and I know what you’re thinking but cut that out since they were only friends. (weirdo) They would mostly ride bikes and she had a best friend who lived 3 blocks from her who was demanding and who liked boys but Ms. Plasencia did not. Plasencia did not fall into peep pressure which is mad respect. Why was she her best friend?, “she changed later as a better person which meant she changed as a person but before she liked boys and I was not up with that.”. At the age 12, She moved to America since her parents wanted to live that American Dream. That dream was cut short for her mother since she wasn’t able to go to the country since she did not have papers. Life was hard on her, father and her 4 sisters since they moved to relatives and had to wear hand-me-downs. It was hard since her mother couldn’t be there until 2003. Now we all know her as a beautiful woman who is our teacher Ms.Plasencia. Yea!! Also She celebrated carnivals and on feb, she dressed up in some costume and listened to music.