Labyrinth of Warmth

Sonic Mejias

I seem to be stuck in this maze

Unable to find my way out

I abandoned the cold a while back

When I first laid eyes on the entrance


I find myself searching for a way out

These walls a vibrant green

Spotted with the red of rose petals

Hedges standing tall


I can’t find an exit

The warmth didn’t draw me in

But it is what’s keeping me here

Searching for something


I haven’t met the struggles yet

Seen any hills,

But I have seen the paradise

At the middle of this maze


I remember the embraces I received

From these people living there

And struggle to find my way back

To see these people once more


My legs can’t seem to move though

Caught in uncertainty

I have the confidence to take my first step,

But the unknown is terrifying


So I will stay trapped in this labyrinth

That I said couldn’t hold me

Afraid of the cold that I abandoned

And searching for the warmth in the middle