Students leave school early due to staff shortage

Alexia Williams

On Nov 18, 2021 in Hartford Connecticut, students from Achievement First High School  experienced a half day due to a staff shortage.

Students from Achievement First Hartford High School got an unexpected message on Student Square relaying the surprising news that school would have to be cut short on that day. It was said that since some staff called out on that day, and that the school has a small staff to begin with, it had to make the decision to have a half day for all students at the high school. Some reactions were met with happiness while others were met with a little bit of sadness since it was an unexpected blow and it was going to cut academic time for students.

An AF student and staff member gave their opinion on the situation. Mr. Rony Santos, a 12th grader, said, “To be honest, I didn’t want to leave early because I had to finish my college board questions so I could apply to colleges and I felt like it was unfair to me because it was stopping my college process unnecessarily.” In contrast, Mr. Callahan, a teacher at AF, said, “I felt sad. I know that tests can be stressful and writing can be hard and rules can be a bother, so it sometimes feels fun to get a bonus day. When I was a student, I would celebrate snow days, so I got that! But we’ve missed so many the last two years that I feel sad about missing another.”

As of now, the AF staff decided to have virtual learning day on Friday the 19th because of the shortage, but is expected to be back in the building on Monday.