Jada Wyatt! The Backstory of an Amatuer Female Boxer

Roni Santos

A 16 year old female boxer born in Hartford, Connecticut had a passion for the sport of boxing. “It’s hard to find female boxer and hard to find matches in Connecticut.” Jada Wyatt started boxing when she was 13 around the beginning of 8th grade, and she started boxing because her dad used to box for the same gym when he was younger.

 Wyatt states that “boxing is a great sport because it prepares you mentally and physically and you can put yourself out there to meet important people.”  Also Wyatt said that a lot of her coaches are in the hall of fame so this helped her see some steps to follow and as right now she is a 12 graders in high school and she says she will definitely continue her boxing career as an amature boxer when she goes to college. Despite the lack of female boxers, she’s still in the game and is determined to pursue her amature boxing career and is passionate about a future professional one.

Wyatt is very intelligent and has always been a straight A student in school. Having 4.0’s throughout high school, she’s always eager to learn new things and enjoys  the classroom setting. Despite her learning disabilities which include her having hearing loss, she never lets that affect her learning performance. In school some might say she’s a very jittery person and always has energy, Wyatt always finds a way to make herself and others laugh. 

Growing up Wyatt was always deemed as different because of her disabilities. Wyatt was born with hearing loss and  gained a speech impediment growing up. Throughout 2nd-10th grade Wyatt wore hearing aids everyday, as of now she doesn’t think she needs them and goes everywhere without feeling the need to use them, she states “ I don’t enjoy wearing them, i rather try my best to hear people”.  Wyatts speech has always been an insecurity of hers but she doesn’t let it stop her from being someone that is always being heard. Wyatt is always the first to raise her hand in class, enjoys acting, reading poems and singing.