Sandy Shortridge: Life of an Immigrant

Davin Shortridge

My mom is a loving person and she’s very friendly with everyone, but when people disrespect her, she gets mad and then she tells them how she feel. Other than that, she is a loving, caring, and hardworking person, and she’s very intelligent and courageous because that’s how she was raised in Kingston, Jamaica. 

My mom does want to move back to Jamaica and retire when she gets older because she has a lot of family down their and it’s hard living up here because the cost of living is so expensive in America than Jamaica. In Jamaica, when you buy a house, it’s your and you don’t have to pay taxes for the property, and Jamaica is the place to be right now because the food is great and the beaches are to die for. I love it down there. That is how her life is better in Jamaica because there is a lot of her family that will support her any time she needs advice and I hate America because there’s so much rules and laws in America and there are less laws and rules in Jamaica if someone hurts you and your family members you can go help them and put a stop to it.