Deivone Tanksley: From Broken to Better

Deivone Tanksley

Deivone is a person who has fought through adversity since the day he was born. Growing up wasn’t easy for him with his father in and out of jail and his mother off drugs. More than half the time Deivone was often on his own with his 3 brothers. Deivone ended up becoming a product of his environment without even knowing it, going in and out of jail from the age of 12 to 21. Despite all these challenges Tanksley wanted better for himself and his new son that was coming into this world. So the last time he came out of jail he made a promise to do better and never go back, and that he did. Deivone went to a technical school where he earned a trade to become an electrician. He worked with an electrical company named SEMAC for a few years where he discovered his passion for writing and became an author writing two books (A Mothers Pain and Pain, Guilt and Success).

I asked Deivone what motivated him to turn his life around and his response was, “It was my son; I wanted to break the cycle and make sure he had a better childhood than mine.” Now Deivone didn’t slow down after becoming an author; he is also a social activist in his community and now owns a restaurant named My Wife Didn’t Cook. Deivone also has ran for mayor as an independent candidate and owns a youth development basketball program in New Britain named New Britain Legacies.  When asked why he is so active in his community, he responds,” I just want to be someone I never had for these kids, because I know what it’s like to be in their position.” Although Deivone has been through many hardships in his life he has chosen to dig deep and found something to live for. When asked what his main goal in life is, he answers, “I just want to build generational wealth for not only my kids but, for my grandkids as well.” Deivone has planted seeds in all of his 3 sons and especially his oldest. He has taught him from his failures and continues to guide him day by day. No matter what he does now, what is important is that he has broken the cycle and what he leaves his children no money can buy because knowledge is the best gift in the world.