Deivone Tanksley: Leader, Athlete, Brother and Son

David Hinds

When Deivone walks in a gym he feels ready and motivated. He’s all jokes and smiles but ready  to get better and really get to work. He lifts up his shoulders up high and let out a deep breath as he gets ready to take his first shot in the gym. He’s a man on a mission trying to help his team get to a state ring this season. That’s all he thinks about when he’s up, that’s all he thinks about when he’s asleep, that state ring is the one thing consistent in his head right now

Now Dev is in the gym at 6:00 am getting shots up and is making sure he is breaking a sweat, so I ask him what drives him to get him up and ready to do this so early in the morning. “I just wanna do this for my family and bring them to a better and safer environment, I just wanna make my people proud.” He then goes right back into the workout and jumped right back in with urgency. While Dev might be a great player with a lot of talent so is his all star and one in a generation talent, David Hinds, so that drove me to ask Dev, what does he think he brings to the team, “I come with a little bit of everything, I help with the rebounds and scoring , but I also push my teammates to be better”. What a humble character, a player that confident yet humble is hard to find. There are bright things for Dev future and he is ready to bring everything all together. He’s been working and making sacrifices all his life for one dream. And that one dream is slowly approaching . But until that goal gets accomplished , the work and the the grind is still on. There’s no putting the foot on the brakes, there’s a lot more to get to and even more to accomplish. Everyday he wakes up with motivation pumping his blood and energy pulsing throughout his body. This is Dev, the basketball player, the leader, the brother and the son.