Jennifer Gunn: Experienced Cheerleader

Yannieve Coley

If you go to a basketball game at Achievement First and look for the cheerleaders you will see Jennifer Gunn right up there in the front cheering on her schoolmates. Jennifer Gunn a cheerleader and dancer, isn’t new to either sport, dancing since she was 3 and cheering since her freshman year, Jennifer loves doing both. “Cheering and dance creates a space for me to be whoever I want to be without distractions” Dancing to different songs and different genres allows Jennifer to let go all of all the stress she may be dealing with that day. 

Jennifer was especially excited for this cheer season for many reasons, the most important being its her senior year, meaning its her senior cheer season “The Final Hurrah” as Jennifer calls it.” This cheer season is gonna be one of the best, we have to go 10 times harder given since we missed out on Junior Year due to the pandemic.”