Against All Odds

Torri-Ann Osbourne

George Grandison used to cry from the frustration and jealousy he felt when looking out into the sea of children running and laughing with their father, something he would no longer be able to experience but that doesn’t stop him from moving forward.


“As I grew up I eventually learned how to look for role models elsewhere,” he says.

As he grew he was able to find said role model in the form of his uncle who was able to help him overcome that hurt from not having a father. The uncle happened to be a medical doctor, so he uses his uncle as the person to look to and guide him in his life  to the point that he even wanted to be a vet and changed to medical doctor “at first I wanted to be a vet but after seeing the way my uncle took care of his patients, I felt like I would like to do that as well” he said.


In becoming a medical doctor he was able to go through many learning experiences “Life is very precious, after seeing babies dying, teenagers, adults, and old people it has caused me to realize that life is very very precious and has caused me to appreciate every single day for what it is” and has learned noticed in medicine is the value in team work in his field as he goes on to say “ One of the most important thing is teamwork is very very important, so I have learned to not only depend on myself because I have to be competent enough to treat a patient but I also have to depend on my colleagues as well for their opinion”.