The Murder of Lauren Smith-Fields

Lauren Smith-Fields,a 23 year old black woman, met a 37 year old white man on the Bumble dating app.They went on a date at her apartment on December 12,2021 where she was found dead and he was the last person to see her.Her family wasn’t notified until days after,and when they asked for help,the police response was that the white man is a nice guy.It wasn´t until it reached social media in January that itś being investigated.Until this day february2,2022 what happened to Lauren Smith-Fields is still an ongoing investigation due to the fact that they waited so long.Also the fact that the cops that were investigating her case were suspended due to the fact that they were connected with the white man and his family.


Celebrities were getting involved and bringing awareness to the investigation.Popular artists like Cardi B and Bia seeked out the family of Ms.Smith-Fields to show their support.Cardi B has tweeted that the Connecticut police department have failed Lauren.These celebrities bringing awareness to the case has brought out an apology from the Bumble app.The app that Lauren met Michael.Laurenś family went to express what happened when the asked for help.Smithfields brother was interviewed ,he said ,¨the way they handled her investigation was literally disgraceful,disgusting and horrible.The ongoing investigation has led residents and other members of the Bridgeport Police department to believe Michael Lafountain had connection with the police department  however there was no punishment .


Ms. Smith-Fields’s family has said they plan to sue Mr. Ganim, the police chief and several detectives. They filed a notice of intention last week, arguing that the Police Department violated the Civil Rights    bridgeport  police  detective kevin  cronin   and  angel   llanos  due  to lack of sensitivity  to public  and  failure  to follow  police policy