How Covid-19 affect the students and staff at AFHHS?

Throughout the beginning of 2020,Covid-19 has affected Achievement First Hartford High School for the worse ; from taking away valuable learning time to being short staffed.This has led to many learning opportunities being taken away. It also frustrates teachers when their students aren’t given full learning opportunities to reach their full potential.

As we all know, life before Covid was more interactive because we were all face to face and then we all switched to being virtual without warning or preparations.The adjustments weren’t happening on our time,it was either we adjust or get left.A very difficult challenge that led to loss of many opportunities and changes in our lives.According to Mr.Callahan the adjusting to the covid-19 lifestyle was stressful.Especially while dealing with personal problems.During the time the school went online (zoom),he was moving to a new home.So adjusting to a new neighborhood and zoom was like a necessary multi-tasking job that was very stressful.The worse part for Mr.Callahan was the zoom because he wanted his students to accomplish what they could,however since it was virtual it was difficult.

According to Miss Olsen, during the pandemic she found herself stressed and burned out; she did not prepare herself for covid 19 .She was  facing some unique challenges  throughout the pandemic .  She had to adjust to a new lifestyle, for example, it made her rely on technology a lot more regarding new platforms such as Zoom. Covid 19 has affected AFFHS as a whole by  poor network services, lack of power supply, high fees, and lack of direct teaching and learning. It also has developed poor computer compliance, which has resulted in low literacy levels.

   David hind basketball  corrupted  his learning for covid 19