Lion Strength Leo

D'Juan Clarke

I sat down with Professional Trainer Leoandro or (Leo) for short, on January 31 and I asked him about his origin,motivation and inspiration, on why he pushes himself to go to the gym everyday and he kept the answer short and simple.

He began to explain his reason to start working out, “When I came to the states, my mother would ask me how come I didn’t go to the gym like my dad and eventually I got tired of it and started to workout everyday since I was 14 years old”. “I got inspired by my dad really, but I was also fascinated with DC/ Marvel characters and Professional body builders such as HULK,Titan, and other Strong Man competitors”.

“As a person who works in the medical field, being overweight and seeing big people, is more than enough motivation to keep going hard in the gym, know that those people suffer from health problems and to be honest, i’m tryna live to see 100 yrs old and be able to walk at the age of 80”. As we continued the interview i had one last question, What good effects does it have on you? “The feeling of feeling good and energetic and that usually led me to challenge athletes and more muscular people in the gym because I wanted to show them that NO ONE CAN OUT WORK ME”, he replied.