It’s A Hard Knock Life

Brianna Brown, Writing a story profile


Dejana White lets out a deep grunt as she sets down her bag on the table. 

She is utterly exhausted. After a long day of school she comes home in discomfort knowing that she would soon have to clean the house from top to bottom. This is an everyday thing for her, and it has been for years. Anxiety has followed her for as long as she can remember, constant worrying and fear threaded through her veins. 

Dejana is a small build with mild asthma, that would sometimes often send her to emergency trips to the hospital in panic of an attack. But nevertheless she was also determined to get things done when they needed to be. 

“It’s complicated but it’s good for me at the same time.” She says as a way to describe how it is to be taking care of her younger brothers at the same time as going to school. She views these responsibilities as a way to prepare her for the real world. She views the challenges in her life as lessons and applies them to things that may occur in the future.

“Hopefully I’ve gotten a lot of things I wanted to do out of the way,” was what she replied when asked where she would see herself in a few years. She has big dreams that she wants to accomplish for herself in a short amount of time and acknowledges that it will be hard but her drive of determination would help her through any obstacles that she would face.