Kaihla: Bright Role Model

Jackquain Bailey

As I walked into her room I could tell that she wasn’t  in a good mood but she switched her mood from being sad to happy. She has that passion for being a leader. I could tell because that’s what leaders do.

She has the ability to switch her mood from being sad to happy. I find that very interesting, because not a lot of people can do that. I don’t why she wasn’t in a good mood but she changed her energy as I walked in . 

“So Khaila, what’s it like being a role model for me and brother, knowing that one mistake can make an impact on our life?”

“It’s hard,” she said. “I just think before I do stuff because you guys look up to me and I have to be an example for you guys. That’s why I do it.”    

Me and my brother looked up to her and she knew that. My brother also looked up to me too. Then my little brother walked in and started  asking me questions. He said, “Jackquain, what’s it like being the second child?”

Well, it’s ok I guess. I still have to be a role model for you. My sister has to do the same for me. I watch the mistakes she makes so I don’t do the same for you.