What Women Believe about the Cost of Feminine Products

In 2022 the costs of all products have risen,which have added to women’s monthly spending on feminine products.Here at Achievement First Hartford High we’ve interviewed women to get their opinion on how they feel about having to buy feminine products.Having to pay for something that you need to help something that naturally happens to your body seems unreasonable.It seems unfair to women having to pay for products that’ll help them and that they’ll need.

After researching others’ opinions on the topic of whether women should have to pay for products,I’ve found an op-ed article by Christina Vo.Christina Vo is a youth advisory council which seems to believe feminine products should be free. According to Vo,period poverty can affect children (girls) in school due to the fact that menstrual products aren’t free.Their are girls who skips school or leave early due to the fact of lacking access to feminine products.Vo uses school as a way to highlight how much of an impact of not having feminine products can do.This illustrates how paying for products that are needed for our hygiene seems unreasonable and can impact our lives. Unlike getting injured and having to buy over the counter medication or having to buy any medication.Our menstrual cycle is a natural,monthly cycle that cannot be controlled.Therefore women believe the products for during the cycle should be freely provided.

After I interviewed students at Achievement First about feminine products there was a similarity in the reactions.Jamela Gracey at AFHHS  believes that feminine products should be free because the menstrual cycle happens every month for women . She also thinks that tampons and pads should be in   public bathrooms to alleviate this problem and allow all women easy access to the products they need . ;  jb at achievement first 12 grade students jb believe women products should be free to access for  free supplies would help to alleviate some of the economic strain having period provides.  Lack of access to menstrual supplies can have an impact on education. Without access to supplies students often miss class and this can be fear of leakage and embarrassment .

While my sister on the on the other hand thinks the femine products should be free because no everybody can afford it and sometimes females have to do without because they are unable to afford it, also the fact that this is something that they can’t help that alone should be enough, i’ve seen student and other females substitute pads and tampons for toilet paper because they didn’t have money at the time, this can also be very embarrassing.

Should female  products be free?

A survey of 2,000 women (aged 18–55) found that 49 percent have faced a lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, toilets, hand washing facilities and/or waste management.

And results revealed that four in five think period poverty is Sixty percent of respondents admitted to budgeting in order to afford sanitary items and 79%  respondents’ experiences with period poverty and found 69 percent think menstrual products are too