Mask Mandate

There have been many things that have become the new normal ever since covid-19 was introduced to america and one of those things have been masks. Masks are one of the many factors that help people stay safe throughout this whole pandemic. It’s become a big part of everyone’s lives, specifically students who have to attend school in-person. It has become an essential for students to be wearing masks especially in jam packed spaces such as the school building. Now that the vaccines have been normalized and mandated in most states, the government decided that lifting the mask mandate is a good call but is that truly a good idea? 

Here in Hartford CT, at achievement first high school, students were asked for their opinions about how they felt about masks no longer being mandated at their school.

To get this information, I went up to some students and asked what they thought about the mask Mandate. Many of the students that I asked mostly had mostly the same responses and thoughts but other students had other viewpoints. One response that I got from all the students was that they believed, “It was too soon to release this Mask Mandate since people can still get sick quickly.” and others believed, “ It has been 2 years since covid started happening so it seems like plenty of time.” There is a mixed result in the Mask Mandate since some students believe that we should keep wearing masks since it is early and others believe that enough time has passed where we don’t need to wear the masks. One student believed, “it has been enough time but we need to find another solution then having the mask mandate.” This information made me think that the government should come up with another solution than this mask mandate since it feels risky to not be required to wear a mask.

While getting this information, I wanted to know how the teachers felt about the Mask Mandate, so I asked some questions to see what they thought and it was a little different from the students. The responses from the teachers was that they believed that it feels rushed to start the mask mandate because people are still getting sick from covid and it can increase covid cases since people aren’t required to wear masks anymore. The Teachers also talk about the vaccine helping a bit but only decrease the chance of getting covid so having the mask with the vaccine will help more since the mask and vaccine both help lowering the chances of getting covid even more. The teachers believe that we should keep the Mask Mandate because it will cause problems in the long run and keep covid here longer than it should.