“Strange” by Celeste, Music Review


Torri-Ann Osbourne

“Strange” by celeste is a title track from her album Compilation 1.1 that dropped  December 6 2019. This Classical soul song was definitely one of the most prominent on the track-list. As it gained surprising traction with the app tik tok spreading it far and wide. 

Instrumentally, the way the piano enters during the chorus of the song in order to fill the space left by the violin fading out slightly as well as providing a nice backing support to the raspy softness she has in her voice.

The lyrics within the chorus of the song is what really drew me to it in the first place, with the message and emotions that’s placed within this specific part of the song it really has a strong presence with the sad quality she sings with. It is ineffable. Strange is a song you wouldn’t necessarily dance to, it is a song that does well to soothe you and help you relax, something you could fall asleep too.

Isn’t it strange, How people can change/From strangers to friends, Friends into lovers/And strangers again?  What makes this phase important to me is how the story you are being told through these few lyrics would be something you never want to be in, considering how sad it truly is. The beautiful sadness in her voice when she sings this part does well in taking you on a journey.

Strange by Celeste is a melancholy song that tells the story of a relationship going through change and with a soothing instrumental working together with Celeste’s raspy voice it does well to create a wonderful sound.