Music Review: “On Bended Knee” By Boyz II Men


Yannieve Coley

“On Bended Knee” By Boyz II Men is the groups leading number one single from their second album “II” released in 1994. This song is most definitely one of the group’s best written and vocally produced tracks. 

The song touches on a breakup where the male is begging his female lover to come back and telling her how he feels when she’s not there with him as well as he acknowledges his wrong doings and promises to make changes. With lyrics like “And if you come back to me/I’ll guarantee/That I’ll never let you go” and “Every moment without you/It seems like eternity/I’m begging you, begging you come back to me” .

Musically, this song is very different from most songs. The song starts off slow and when it reaches the bridge the instruments start to speed up yet maintain an enjoyable feeling. You know when you’re hearing a song and it’s either the instruments and the beats overpowering the lyrics and the singer’s voice? Well that’s not the case with this song,both the beats and the instruments compliment each of the vocalist and the lyrics they are singing.

One of the best parts of the song is the bridge. In this specific part of the song you can really hear the mixture of the piano and drums. The lyrics “ I’m gonna swallow my pride/ say i’m sorry/ stop pointing fingers the blame is one me” and “You gotta believe in the spirit of love/ It’ll heal all things” really grabs my attention as a listener. Overall the whole formation of the bridge makes the song a thousand times better.