“Time Machine” by Muni Long, Music Review

Time Machine by Muni Long, Music Review

Jennifer Gunn

time machine by  muni long is one of the most popular track that were released as part of muni long album on muni long album she wrote “Hrs and Hrs” which did get a lot of view but not as much as time machine when she had drop that song it come out it was jan 6 2022 it was played all around the world on tick tock youtube and music soundcloud  the other day her song got a gold record for her son time machine tis electro pop song is definitely one of the highlights from the track list

Musically the tone of the beat shows power when the  start builds into the cornucopia of bits and keeps that adds to match energy to the track . the lyrics that lay bare her addictive relationship to her partner speaking of  muni long  the stinger takes  the risky factor from her debut album to a different level on this track about the toxic and unhappy relationship advice  that every girl go through for a example ‘’Wish I had a time machine (said I wish I) Baby, if I had a time machine (yeah)I would hop inside my time machine (yeah)And rearrange history (history)Get rid of some of these memories (get rid of these memories, yeah)Anything that ain’t servin’ me I wish I had a time machine (I wish I had)Go back to when you lied to me Oh, I was so sad (oh, I was) That’s the day a good girl turned bad’’

muni long time machine is the kind of track that hooks people that going through a heart break or a toxic relationship that not working or your boyfriend or you husband out here cheating the the first listen it would make u want to listen to it again  it make u  think  as a women you  need to be strong and do what i need to do and don’t worry about them because they are all the same and to focus on what u need to do the latest challenge sees people express their desire to go back in time as they aren’t happy about something that has happened in the present.