“24/48” by Odeal, Music Review

Trevon Powell

“24/48” by Odeal is one of the underground artist’s most prominent singles released yet. Released in November, 2022; This mellow afro-beat masterpiece is definitely one of the highlights from Odeal’s career.


Euphoniously, the sole guitar strings at the dawn of the song erupts into a rich abundance of singing adding to the melodic energy of the track, Indulging the lyrics that lay prior in this soft solemn tune.


As the song continues on, Odeals lyrics are formed into this instrumental of imagination through what seems to be a track on  indescribable love. Odeal’s euphonious voice sings “But you give me happiness, 24/48 / Chances of loving you more than you love me grows by the day” throughout the song repeated at the end. Yet, as the song finalizes you notice “You hurt me, you cant see” Which portrays the dangers of his love for this individual.


“24/48” is a track that masters the art of melodies and meditation. Definetly one of Odeal’s top releases and a tune that can’t be outplayed.