“The voice by Lil Durk , music review”

Rekaya Robinson

“The voice” by Lil durk is one of the single songs in his album also named “The voice” . Lil durk dropped this album december 24th 2020 and ever since then its been a hit song . this rap song is definitely one of the highlights from the track list. Throughout the song start, middle, end, the the beat , rhythm and vocals stands out because it starts to build into the emotion thats in the song and the energy it brings about his life style and what he had to go through and felt . it connects to people that listens to it because they can connect with what hes saying through experience and their own life issues. Speaking of durks lyrics, the rapper takes the main factor from his album to a different level on the track about lifestyle and what he was going through. For example, “ I was goin’ through that pain alone I was goin’ through that phase alone We all change, you say I changed alone Sleepless nights, barely changin’ clothes You know damn right you was wrongI was tired, they didn’t realize Certain vibes, it don’t feel right Plenty nights got me traumatized Why they lie? I do love my guys”  “ the voice” is the ind of track that hooks you from the first second of the first listen , but its lil durks life story that keeps you hooked and the connection.