Chris browns throwback music

“Next to you” by Chris Brown is one of the largest songs back in the 2011 era with features, as it was released in his album F.A.M.E, F.A.M.E was one the largest album drops of that year and Chris Brown grew his fan base by a large margin during that time.


The lyrics to this song is all about the addictive relationship to Justin Bieber and Chris Brown lovers and as the world or sky is falling they go out of their way to help and find their significant other. “And baby, everything that I have is yours you will never go cold or hungry I’ll be there when your insecure let you know that you’re always lovely girl, ‘cause your the only thing that I got right now, One day when the sky is falling I’ll be standing right next to you”, That’s when the uptempo beat drop.


The tempo of the beat also fits the choreography of the video and how everyone is feeling in the video. They change the way they dance and how fast they move and the clothing to fit the theme of the video, to the boots, pants, jackets.


The most important elements of this song is the beat the clothing and the video to back up how the song was suppose to come out which made it a throwback and one of the most known songs back then and today.