“Take Me” Music Review

Take Me Music Review

“Take me” was created by a Japanese fusion jazz band named Casiopea and was made in 1982 which was one of the songs of the album “Mint Jams.” I chose this song out of the 7 songs in the album because “Take me” just felt so mellow and outstanding to listen to.

Fusion jazz plays in its entirety of the whole song which is the specialty of this band since the whole song sounds harmonious. The instruments played in the song have the genius combination of jazz harmony and improvisation with rock music, funk, and Rhythm with a taste of blues. This Genius combination complements each other with a trance since it hooks the listener in and gives them an enjoyable moment during the duration of the song.

Although there are no messages in this song, I believe there is a message and it is to sit back and let the worries fly away. “Take me” isn’t a song where it has a deep message or has lyrics that talk about them but one simple message that all can relate to and it is to “enjoy the music and let your mind rest.”

“Take me” is a one of a kind song that gives this feeling of the feeling to relax but the song makes it so tempting to dance to the funky beat that it’s a one of a kind songs to listen to.