Mindfulness in schools curriculum

Alona Gunn

 On March 23, 2023, Royael Mignan launched a pilot program of mindful art at the Albany Library in Hartford, Connecticut. The program showcased the potential benefits of integrating mindful art activities into school curriculums.

           The Mindful Arts program is currently underway and will end in June. It provides a distinct type of meditation through creative expression and offers various workshops with different artists and art forms. Mindful arts activities can be anything, and it supplies children with an outlet that helps them get through the drama of their personal lives. There are different reactions from teachers, principals, and counselors at schools to those who want to add to the curriculum and from the students who participate in those activities.

          Our program offers a variety of mindful art activities: wearable art, where you can paint or reinvent clothing, and journaling, where you can create a journal where you have to write in it. It offers a comic art session called making it from anywhere, which promotes that from any place you are from, you can be anything if you have a purpose, and rope meditation encourages a healthy and mindful headspace. We also have three more sessions upcoming: step and drill, dance, and family paint party. Our students have responded positively to the program, returning during our open hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-6 pm. People of all ages, from 5-year-old preschoolers to 30-year-old adults, have participated in our program.

           Ms. Royael Mignan, a performing artist and a cultural change ambassador, wants to create a better learning environment for students. Ms. Royael Mignan said, “Artists and teachers should be able to work together to decrease the rate of chronic absenteeism among high school students.” However, Dr. Dominique Marshall, a staff member at Achievement First, stated in an interview. “How do you make it fit for everyone of every age group and Gender? Sophomores worry about fitting in at school, and seniors have a lot of anxiety about college.”

           Incorporating mindful art activities into school curriculums can provide many benefits, hence the importance of having it in schools. You can include these activities in health classes or have more art classes in the school curriculum.