Why student should be able to pick their own classes or make suggestion for classes?

Onecia Cassanova

Beginning of the school year in Hartford Connecticut, students want to pick their own schedule.


Students at Achievement First High school have been complaining about not being able to pick what classes they would be able to attend. This is because when school started most students were given a schedule that told them what class they had, even though half of the classes weren’t the ones that they picked. And the classes that they picked and got into, they were soon taking out to take classes that they needed to graduate.


A student gave their opinion on the situation and Keniesha, a 11th grader, said,”I think students should be able to pick their own class because once other student find what they want to do when they get into college, they should be able to have the choice to choose what class best fit so they can learn the material.” And  Steven, another 11th grade student, said,” Students should be able to pick their own schedule because they should have an option and not be forced to take a class they don’t like or one that doesn’t benefit them.”


As of now, students will have to wait until next year to see if things  will change.