An Incredibly Breathtaking Song

Venesia Brown, Academic

“3:15 (Breathe)” by Russ was one of many great singles he released in 2021. This single really resonated with many people because of its topic of the struggles of a relationship. 

The instrumentals on this song are very soft and emotional. Unlike many upbeat songs, this single was focused more on the lyrics than the sounds/instrumental. This made it easier for his fans to understand Russ and feel his emotions and understand his frustrations towards his girlfriend. 

As stated before, Russ focused on the lyrics which made his single very relatable and could agree with the topic of his song. His lyrics “I wish you would own up to your flaws And just say that you’re wrong when you’re wrong Instead of actin’ like you’re right, then it turns into a fight Now you’re stormin’ out my house in the middle of the night” describes a conflict in his relationship and this impacted many people when they listened to it because they realized that they are in the same situation. 

This song was one of the very few emotional songs made by Russ and it definitely stirred the emotions of his fans