How Has School Lunch Impacted Students ?

As the Pandemic has hit the United States domestically, one of the most overlooked topics that are affecting those today are school lunches. Throughout the course of their senior year, Achievement First scholars claim their school lunch has dramatically changed, and has impacted them and their peers in many different ways. Considering the school lunch being “so bad,” it has created a negative learning environment. In view of gross school lunch, students are starved throughout the day, which leads to not being able to focus in class. As options for school lunch are supposed to be set up as healthy and nutritious for the brain, scholars recognize their needs and speak up for themselves.

As teens grow more rapidly, so do their minds, bodies and more. Specifically, individuals taking part in state-provided education do some of the most of this type of growing. Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day because it gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day, and enables you to concentrate. Also who doesn’t love food? As students of AFHHS state themselves through their own regrets, the school lunch is currently at an all time low in terms of quality, quantity and more. Here is a recent article from Fox News ( As you read through the excerpt, You get taken on a journey on the reality of what food is like all over the world, even in our neighboring state New York. Do you think school lunches impact you as a scholar and your ability to perform? Senior at Achievement First Hartford High Marcos Pacheco says that “I don’t really eat lunch because it doesn’t taste the same, So I just buy McDonalds.” Scholars state that being inside of a building for hours with no sort of meal becomes depressing and forces you to starve, since what is served isn’t appetizing. As students continue to speak up about their bad lunches across the US, what do you think the solution to this issue should be?

As stated, The Hartford Public Schools District who provides the school lunches, should hear people out and actually help the community. The highschool students are eating portions for kindergarteners. At many other schools, they provide options for the students to choose from. In our school, scholars say they actually don’t have many choices. If Achievement First provided healthy, and decent portions of food for scholars, they would be more focused and satisfied creating a more safe environment for everyone including teachers. As studies show, not eating can cause things like fatigue, depression, reproductive disabilities and more.