School lunch

Nathaniel Miller

In 2023 school lunches are still impacting teenagers in achievement first  high school experience.

Students attending af are sick and tired of these low-quality and disgusting meals. What are these meals u ask? well there are microwaved packaged lunches alongside frozen and sometimes expired milk. This should not be happening to students. students like Hyquan a junior attending af and currently a junior say “is nasty and undercooked”.this school can do better and should for its students. How can students pursue their education with such poor food? even some of the teachers have felt disgusted towards the lunch.

Many students have complained that they eat nothing most days b/c of how nast the school lunch is. if teachers wouldn’t eat this why would students? anyone reading this and agreeing to speak up or nothing will change.

The students of af are tired of this school and ask as a community to do something about this awful school lunch.