Summer About To Begin

Thierry Francis

It is that time of the year. Summer is beginning and our school year is coming to an end. This means people are moving up grades and seniors are graduating. Achievement First Hartford High School has their own tradition called “Senior Signing Day” where seniors give speeches and announce where they would be attending for college. They all spoke on their highschool experience and gave advice to upcoming classes behind them

Each senior had said similar things but also had their own story and obstacles they faced throughout high school. Senior Natorien Brown mentions “I enjoyed highschool and miss all my brothers that are both blood and I met at school. My advice to upcoming seniors and students is to have fun and not stress yourself while keeping your grades up. High school is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you should enjoy it while you can.” 

Many people are in the audience such as parents, friends, and other students that may take this advice. The goal of Senior Signing Day is for students that complete high school to spread their story and include what they have coming up in the future.

This is impactful because our seniors get to express their journey. Not only this, but pushes others in school and gives them, the motivation to finish school.