“Favorite Song” Turns Out to be a Favorite!

Jenaia Scott, Academic, Writer

“Favorite Song” by Toosii is one of his heartfelt singles that was released just this year. This R&B track quickly rose to the top of the charts because of its heartfelt lyrics.

The instrumental on the song, a soft piano and a soft beat, is  really pulled back. This really capitalizes on Toosii’s voice and makes more room for his lyrics. It’s like a signal to the listener to pay attention to what he’s saying, not just the melody, making the song more vulnerable. 

It isn’t just the instrumental that makes the song vulnerable, it’s also the lyrics themselves. The song is all about being a man touching on everything a woman wants and needs in a relationship. “You want somebody to come bring you flowers/ Someone to talk to for hours”. He also brings up things women don’t want to worry about, “I see you’re tired thinkin’ ‘bout if he cheat/ See you’re tired thinkin’ ‘bout if you leavin’” in the second verse.

“Favorite Song” is the kind of heartfelt song that everyone can relate to or learn from.